Requirements for National Grading 

        It is vital that the deadline for early application be met: one month or 30 days postmarked before the date of the National Grading. This is to ensure that Essays can be read and marked, and that all applications and forms are properly signed and witnessed, and insurance regulations met. Those who miss the deadline will either: 

     1   pay a late application fee or

     2   wait for a future grading 
        Junior Black Belt (age 14 - 16) & Shodan-Ho: The physical portion of the grading is 80%: 20% Kihon Basics, 20% Kata, 20% Kumite (Ippon, Sanbon, and Rensoko Kumite; no freestyle), & 20% Self-Defence (Duo System - no throws, no freestyle or randori). The knowledge portion is 20%: 10% Exam, and 10% Essay and Book Reports. Examiners will be given these marks during the meeting of the Grading Board after the physical portion is complete. 
        Dan ranks - Nidan, Sandan, Yondan: The knowledge portion is 20 %: 10% Essay, and 10% will be a Teaching Demonstration during the grading. 

        Higher Dan ranks: Godan & Rokudan: There is no grading score - the application and essay will reflect the applicant's growth in the Martial Arts, and contributions to EMAC and the community. These applicants are to be approved by, and their Certificates are to be signed by, Kyoshi Jean Frenette.


Deadlines are to be emphasized - applications must be postmarked 30 days or one month in advance of grading date, with all paperwork including essay & book reports, grading fee, waiver release form, and Chief Instructor support letter. The Adhering to the proper procedures will help ensure that our students being graded will have the best opportunity to demonstrate both their physical skills and their knowledge. We expect no less from our own students.


Please call or email with any questions. No surprises!

Yours in Budo,


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President                                 Technical  Director

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